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the quantitative easing around the world has created a financial crisis that caused the collapse of the economic system and at the same time, our planet is dying because of human insatiable appetite of the planet’s natural resources. The human kind has to find a new planet before the doom’s day to proliferate the civilization. In order to better adapt to the new planet, 10,000 gallant warriors were selected and invited to the Ark, these warriors were genetically modified to be Daffy Pandas who can move around in any planet. They were elites from all over the world, and they are music creator; music is a form of communication across different borders. Daffy Pandas took the Noah's Ark with all the memorable artworks, animals and memories of human civilization to rebuild their homes and start a new life on Utopia, continue the development of human civilization.

The world's elite
Allen Musk
Famous entrepreneur, investor, doctor of computer
Native people of the Amazon rainforest, living by hunting
Yill Byman
Master of rock and roll, famous musician, pioneer of early rock and roll
Known as the "Tiger of Takeda", he was one of the most powerful
Roy Couch
The first commander of the Shark Raiders was revered as the godfather by all the Raiders.
World-class classical composer and melody master
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Daffy Panda Ganging Up

Daffy Panda Ganging Up is a limited edition NFT series and unique digital collectible that thrives on the ethereum blockchain.

Owning the DPGU ERC721 token will grant you an invitation to the Ark, genetically transformed to become one of the 10,000 Daffy Pandas to board Noah's Ark and find a rebuilt home on behalf of the survival of human civilization, with the right to explore and inhabit the planet Utopia, as well as membership into the Ark of Pandas game.

Each Panda will automatically be added to Live houses for free!

Two layers of scarcity
1 attributes
2 attributes
3 attributes
4 attributes
5 attributes
6 attributes
7 attributes
8 attributes
9 attributes
10 attributes
11 attributes
12 attributes
13 attributes
Ownership Perks
PFP attribute scale + Avatar rarity scale
Each Daffy Panda collectable is a 100% unique programmatically and randomly generated from over 1300 traits. Daffy Panda focuses on Animation, game properties and authenticity. The traits include mood, clothing, headwear and fun accessories. Some are animated, Some are music,and some are rarer than others. The pandas are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Yes, they’re tamper-proof and last forever.
All players who have DPGU will have the most basic invitation qualification. The game will randomly give DPGU different dimensional attributes, we will randomly give DPGU owners 5 of the 12 dimensional attributes, each dimensional attribute, in the distinction of different prop attributes.
Members get free early access to our comic, including 4 drawings, book and illustrations. You may find your custom expression in the comic, and you can vote on what to publish next.
15% of the royalties from secondary sales will be put into a raffle for DaffyPanda holders to win! Here's the love from the Daffy Panda gang.
Community Benefits
Fifteen percent of all royalties collected through secondary market sales will go toward community qualifications, and these funds will be provided in the form of grants.
Game Dividend
All Daffy Panda players will receive unique in-game benefits that are exclusive to Daffy Panda.
10,000 panda NFTs, every single piece is 1/1 and carefully designed with love.
Game centered
Not just NFT artwork, the key to the game, creating value
Community Interaction
With innovative community gameplay, a dual combination of game and dating interaction
Celebrity fans
Stars and fans in the same community, building a new community, the latest news and communication are here to bring each other closer
Road Map
Our plan is here
Initial Stage (August)
Initial preparation for DPGU and Ark of Panda

Boosting Stage (September-now)
Establishment of Discord Server Announced first collaboration with Musicians of their customization Twitter influencer Campaign Discord Ark Crews Establishment 500 giveaways airdropped to active community members and OGs Attributes teasers
Presale Stage
Reveal of the Ark! Loots and Special in-game identities else than the normal attributes Initial discord groups for different identities and Guilds Whitelists for Crew members, active community members More celebrities and Artists Collab campaigns More game features revealed (85% developed)
Presale Stage
Public Sale Value-added game items/governance token dropping TBD
Panda Team
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